Have you ever wanted to add bullet points to an Excel spreadsheet & didn’t know how to do it? This quick tutorial will show you a couple of ways to do it…


Method 1: Using the Ribbon

First, place the cursor in the cell where you want the bullet point to be, go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Symbol over on the right hand side…

Insert symbol

The Symbols dialogue box will open, click on Font and choose either Wingdings or Webdings (they are the best ones for different types of bullet points)…

Choose font

Choose the symbol you want to use, click Insert and Close

Insert bullet point

and the symbol will appear…

Bullet point

Method 2: Using the keyboard

If you don’t want fancy bullet points and are happy to use the standard round bullet points (both filled in and hollow), you can quickly insert them using the following keyboard shortcuts. Note: these shortcuts only work using the numerical keypad on your keyboard.

Alt+7 gives you the small black circle. To change the colour go to the Home tab and select the font colour you’d like to use.

Alt + 9 gives you the hollow circle. Again you can change the colour as above.

Keyboard shortcuts

That’s it! I hope you find this helpful 🙂