One of the services I regularly provide for my coaches is the formatting of documents. These can be anything from presentation slides and downloads for workshops to ebooks and contracts for a website.

I try to share time-saving tips with my clients as much as possible.  Below is one of those tips 🙂

This tutorial shows you how to automatically include titles and/or subheadings in the footer of each page of a Word document

Firstly make sure your titles & headings have the correct paragraph style applied to them. For example, in my ebook my chapter title is styled as Heading 1, and each subheading is styled as Heading 2

document styles

Once they’re all styled as you want them, double click into your header or footer (whichever one you want the chapter title to appear in), click on the drop down arrow next to Quick Parts and select Field

Quick Parts - Field

Choose Links and References in Categories, under Field Names click on StyleRef, then choose the Heading you want under Style Name, in this example I would want Heading 1 first…

Choose Fields

You will see the name of the chapter has appeared in the left hand side of the footer…

Chapter in footer

I now want the subheadings to appear in the right side of my footer, so I use the tab key to move to the correct position then follow the steps above: click on Quick Parts –> Field –> Links and References –> StyleRef –> then choose Heading 2

Heading 2 style

Now my footer has both the chapter name and subheading on all pages…

Complete footer

Obviously if you want the chapter to appear in the header then follow the above method but click into the header instead of the footer.

That’s all there is to it! If you have any problems with the above, or would like to discuss how I can help YOU in your coaching practice please get in touch 🙂